Evolv Surfaces

Our Recycling Programs

We are environmentally aware at Evolv Surfaces, ensuring our processes are kind to the world we live in.


We use a sustainable water system that recycles and reduces the amount of water wasted through the preparation process for our sourced slabs. Our chemical free closed-loop water recycling system processes dirty and grey water generated by our cutting, CNC tooling and polishing processes, and we use filtered water for the same functions.

Once our system is primed with water, there is no need to draw on the city’s reservoirs and its collection and treatment systems. This independent, mechanical filtration recycling system supports our efforts to provide green solutions, satisfying all Environmental Protection Agency and local wastewater discharge regulations.

Hard Materials

Being environmentally conscience, we minimize waste by using every part of our slabs. Each piece of material that cannot be cut into a design will be ground and transported to construction materials and contracting company Graniterock, or other refuse facilities, to support construction on road and airport pavement projects.