Facade Program

A building’s façade gives a first and long-lasting impression if created with purpose. In a business, an attractive, enticing  façade ensures your customers enter your business over your competitor’s. A home’s façade, when crafted thoughtfully, welcomes the owner back over the doorstep each day, and invites guests inside.

In architecture and design, the façade of a building provides the style, look, and feel of the building’s exterior, giving a preview of what to expect for interior aesthetics.

Evolv Surfaces provides Neolith materials to enhance a building’s exterior surface and the dynamics of its environment. The aesthetically pleasing Neolith product has structural durability and is sensitive to both energy consumption and the environment.

The Neolith Cladding Program includes a:

  • HC System: A hidden support system using chemical elastic horizontal mounting on a vertically T-shaped or L-shaped profile.
  • VM System: A visible mechanical fastening system consisting of metallic self-supporting substructures allowing for a ventilated face that supports ceramic coatings of different formats and thicknesses.
  • Strongfix System: A chemical and mechanical horizontal fastening system applied to the back of the tiles.

Evolv Surfaces provides professional consultations to guide the selection and purchasing process. If desired, you’re given further information on the cladding systems, allowing you to effectively support your design and structure. In addition, training is provided for installers and fabricators, ensuring the Neolith cladding  system is applied correctly to create a lasting impression.