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At Evolv Surfaces, we source innovative surface materials that inspire creative design. Our environmentally conscience offerings are rugged and beautiful reflecting intricate details into natural focus. We curate revolutionary, natural surface products that spark imagination.


Built in Belgium to the highest quality specifications, Diresco’s advanced process uses BIO-UV technology to create quartz slabs. Our mission at Evolv  Surfaces™ is to be the curators of these inspirational surface materials, bringing creative design to your commercial space.

We are Diresco’s leading supplier throughout California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, and Hawaii. Our dedicated, service-oriented team is here to help you choose the best quartz for your next commercial project.

Diresco can be used in a number of different commercial spaces, including reception areas, interior stair treads, countertops and bar surfaces.

Renowned for its durability, Diresco’s applications are unlimited, and the product is used both on the inside and outside of buildings. These spaces include reception areas for offices, entertainment areas for restaurants and cafes, or fireplaces and splashbacks for outdoor kitchens.

Diresco brings subtle style to your modern environment, softly adding a glow to your commercial space.

Experience where creative inspiration begins with the high-quality quartz of Diresco, whose innovative approach produces slabs that are stain, heat, UV light and scratch resistant.

Getting the Most from Organic Materials

The resin used in Diresco’s manufacturing process is from an eco-friendly vegetal source, which is healthier for your employees and surrounding environment.

All of Diresco’s surfaces are certified for food preparation and completely volatile organic compounds (VOC) free.

As a completely non-porous surface, Diresco’s slabs are stain resistant, while its BIO-UV makeup means Diresco’s products are protected from the sun.

Diresco’s Technical Features:

  • 100% plant-based and UV resistant resins
  • Liquidproof
  • Easy to Clean
  • BIO-UV Technology
  • Acid Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Color Sustainability

Completely Recyclable

Because Diresco only uses BIO-UV based resins, all of its materials are environmentally sound.  While being better for our environment and workspaces, Diresco ensures its manufacturing operations have minimal environmental impact and is always working to improve its performance.

Diresco’s technology is focused on being responsible for future generations, and with this in mind all its products are completely recyclable.

Diresco Finishes

Diresco BIO-UV surfaces come in three types: Velvet, Polished and Anticato. Whichever finish you choose, caring for its surfaces is easy.

  • Velvet – Experience the luxurious look and feel of Velvet, which is a matte and non-reflective surface that is easy on the eyes.
  • Polished – Using optical grade silica sand to create a brilliant linear reflective finish, a polished surface adds a subtle sophistication.
  • Anticato – This textured and faceted surface is something truly different, giving your slab added character and extra angles to your newly-designed space.

Please note, the Beton series is only available in a Velvet finish.

A Range of Colors and Thicknesses

With Diresco, you can find  the perfect color hue to match your environment. Diresco has a broad range of colors and styles to suit any workspace, from bright whites to rich darks.

You can purchase Diresco BIO-UV surfaces in large formats, with a guaranteed usable surface measurement of 125” x 61”. The Diresco surface thicknesses come in 1.2cm, 2cm and 3cm and has a 10 year factory warranty.

Find the Perfect Diresco Surface for Your Workspace

Our friendly and experienced team are on hand to assist in helping you find the perfect Diresco product for your workspace. Calls us today on 415-767-4600.


Neolith is an award-winning surface material praised by designers and architects for its combination of functionality and beauty.

Using the highest quality raw materials, Neolith uses a high-tech sinterization process to produce its surfaces.

The end result is beautiful sintered stone with minimal thickness that is stain, scratch, chemical and heat resistant.

Neolith can be used for a large variety of applications, including both inside and outside the workplace, and isn’t limited in what it can do. Neolith products are used for building façades, adorning furniture, cladding walls and covering floors.

Superior Stone

Due to its superior quality, Neolith can be used for demanding applications and its colors will not fade or become damaged in extreme weather.

Neolith’s Technical Features:

  • 100% Natural
  • Resistant to UV Rays
  • Waterproof
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Resistant to High Temperatures
  • Easy to Clean
  • Hygienic
  • Recyclable
  • Lightweight
  • Resistant to Bending

Withstand Great Weights

Neolith products have a high shear rate, making them extremely durable in commercial spaces. Resistant to heavy loads and pressure, you can be confident Neolith surfaces will be able to handle the stress of a busy work environment.

A hygienic product safe for the kitchens and bathrooms of your workplace, Neolith surfaces have limited porosity meaning the stone does not absorb any liquid. This makes the surfaces not only hygienic but also stain resistant and waterproof.

Very Versatile

 The versatility of Neolith makes it adaptable to a variety of applications, both indoors and out, with its technical characteristics meaning it is suitable for many demanding applications.

Having received a number of industry awards over the years, it’s clear the experts realize the benefits Neolith brings to the workplace. Countless designers, architects and visionaries have used our sourced slabs to curate inspirational surfaces with purpose.

Neolith applications are limitless and include countertops, flooring, cladding, façades and furniture. Evolv Surfaces™ can assist in providing the perfect space for your workplace, lifting you up to where creative inspiration begins.

Finishes on Neolith Products

Neolith is available in different finishes, giving you a look that is tailored to the textures of your home.

  • Silk – This matte finish has a thinly glazed surface which gives a soft shine and feels gentle to the touch.
  • Satin – Found more in commercial applications, this finish is completely matte and highly-resistant to wear.
  • Riverwashed – Feel the sensations of this rough textured surface with its tactile finish.
  • Natural Honed – This flat, soft and completely matte finish is similar in texture to natural stone.
  • Décor Polished – The reflected brilliance of this polished finish gives the colors of the Classtone Collection depth and elegance.
  • Nanotech Polished – The glossy finish on this surface adds further sophistication to the Colorfeel Collection.

The Right Thickness for Your Design

Neolith provides four different thicknesses to the public, which range from 3 to 20mm, depending on what the slab will be used for and has a 25 year factory warranty.

The thickest (12 and 20mm) products are best used for demanding surfaces such as benchtops, interior flooring and staircases, whereas the 3mm thickness is more suited to interior cladding, furniture and kitchen splashbacks.

Need More Information on Neolith?

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