Evolv Surfaces

Social Good

Letter from the CEO

Evolv Surfaces™ is committed to using our resources responsibly to support the long-term positive impact and sustainability of our company, customers, and of the global societies and environments in which we all live. Our programs and initiatives of outreach reflect our vision for the welfare of our communities. We look for ways we can reduce or offset the environmental impact through best practices and operating efficiencies. We also seek value driven alternatives to contribute and support our neighborhoods and those in which our products and services enhance their lives and lifestyles.

As our culture changes and transforms our world, it is important to actively engage in the values that are the fabric of our lives. We understand that value can be viewed through a lens of monetary investments and every individual at Evolv works hard to support those types of customer needs within the building, design, and construction industry. However, value can also manifest in ways that enrich the lives and environments within our culture and society. It is for these reasons our teams and resources focus on how we participate and make a positive impact to improve our world.

While Evolv Surfaces continues to be the curators of inspirational surface materials, we will move forward with the purpose of environmental and societal thoughtfulness that brings value as well as intention to touch and create your space. It will be through these actions that we will demonstrate our desire to compassionately reflect how we live and engage in the world.


Thank you,

Charles McLaughlin
CEO of Evolv Surfaces™