Evolv Surfaces


Established in 1986, Fox Merchandising International, Inc. reflects the long passion founder Mr. Charles McLaughlin holds for natural stone.

Mr. McLaughlin served in the US Marine Corps in Vietnam and graduated from Rutgers University in 1973, before managing a masonry company for eight years. It was there his love for natural stone was shaped, inspiring him to create Fox Merchandising International, Inc.

In his career he has visited the world’s finest quarries and manufacturing plants to uncover the best techniques in both the art and science of stonemasonry.

At the heart of Fox Merchandising is a desire to elevate artisanship, allowing stunning stonework to be celebrated by customers. Complemented by an ardent approach to customer service, the result is a vision and craftsmanship of high quality slabs like no other.

The business has expanded to Fox Marble and Evolv Surfaces, with Mr. McLaughlin continuing to serve as Chief Executive Officer and President of Fox Merchandising International, Inc.

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